What We Are

In the beginning was the Word. The Word, or the Sound of God, was the primordial creative vibration from the Heart of God. Thus, when the Lord said “Let there be Light,” he used the Divine usage of sound to manifest one of the first objects of creation, which was the Light. Sound is vibration and Light is energy. 

The Way of Truth is a Mystery School of the highest order based on the Light and Sound of God. If you are a seeker of truth, there are always aspects of truth that are still a mystery to you. When you enter the inner gates of our mystery school, all that was once a mystery will slowly reveal itself to you. These mysteries are not occult or hidden, they are just not known by the average individual and many spiritually advanced individuals. All that we do in The Way of Truth is for the sake of God, for the universe and for mankind.


What We Do

Join us and receive answers for the “whys” of your life, the “whys” of the universe and the “whys” of God. Allow yourself the opportunity to learn about the deeper wisdom of the Light and Sound, of the universe and of God. Learn the deeper mysteries of life and unravel the petals of the divine flower until you can see the Heart of all things.

A life understood is a life without fear, a life of great potential.