Universal Soul Movement

The Way of Truth offers many different practices, all designed to promote spiritual development. Universal Soul Movement is an integral part of our Mystery School. It is the ability to move one’s consciousness from one location to another. This is different than astral travel which is limited to the physical and the astral planes. Universal Soul Movement has an infinite potential. It creates a pathway by which one may explore the many mansions of God while still operating in the physical body. All of our teachings are comprehensive and designed to create authentic Masters of spirituality.

The Heart Consciousness

The Heart Consciousness allows you to access a great source of divine wisdom and love as well as spiritual strength. It is another important aspect of The Way of Truth’s teachings. In the physical worlds, the heart and the mind are both electrical and electromagnetic organs. Both, not just the mind, are also organs of consciousness. However, their esoteric natures are vastly different as the mind consciousness is limited to the worlds of duality while the Heart consciousness is free to move throughout all the worlds of God, including those beyond the worlds of duality.  It is, in fact, a direct connection for soul to God.

Consequently, you do not have to rely on the mind consciousness as you have something much better available to you. The Way of Truth offers techniques that allow you to access the Heart Consciousness and to operate from the Heart. The Heart Consciousness and the Christ Consciousness are essentially one; they both lead to The God Conscious State. The Heart Consciousness allows you to access a great source of divine wisdom and love, as well as spiritual might. When operating from the Heart one can commune with others and the universe on a deeply profound level.