You are invited on a journey to the source of all sources,

a journey where mysteries become knowledge. We are all children of God seeking the truth, and ultimately, our way home. There are many ways to get home, but there is a short cut and that short cut is called “The Way of Truth.”

The Way of Truth is a collection of souls on the outer and on the inner spiritual planes working together to expand the Heart Consciousness of all souls in the universe. Many souls are functioning on the inner as “members” of our spiritual community but have no knowledge of that on the physical plane. Thus, the true “membership” of The Way of Truth is much larger than what is noted by the outer organization.

Joining The Way of Truth does not limit your spiritual study to only its teachings.

You do not need to leave your current spiritual path

to join The Way of Truth nor is that encouraged if you are content with your path.

However, becoming a student of The Way of Truth is a commitment to serve God at a very high level. It is also an opportunity to learn at a very high level and to ground that learning in the physical plane.

Your first step as a student in our mystery school is the study of the monthly discourses in our Beginner’s Manual. The monthly time frame of study allows you to develop at a spiritually balanced rate.

The discourses have been written by Sri Maximilien in such a way that they can be

studied alone or with others as you may wish.

Each discourse is designed to re-calibrate your spiritual vibration and to give you fundamental knowledge of the different aspects of our mystery school. As time goes on, you will grow in understanding and any gray clouds in your consciousness will be dissipated by the rays of the Divine Sun.

After the first year of study has laid the foundation for your spiritual edifice, the second year of monthly discourses will begin your study of

The Way of the Magi

The best known historical Magi are the three kings who knew of Christ’s birth and understood its significance. The were, in truth, spiritual kings as well.

In the second year you will learn many practical aspects of The Way of Truth which will teach you how to become a “Heart Warrior,” just as the Magi of old were. In order to teach you to expand your Heart Consciousness, these discourses will contain more spiritual exercises and techniques than the first year of study.

As a student, you are also invited to attend our Sunday teleconference calls. Each week, these calls allow you to interact with your new spiritual Brothers and Sisters through discussion of one of our sacred texts. You will have the fellowship of other students and hear about their experiences. You may also ask questions which may be answered by other members.

You will also have the opportunity to attend our annual retreat held on a weekend near the 22nd of October which represents our spiritual new year. A global retreat is generally conducted on that week end. You will be notified of the event and an invitation to attend will be sent to you.

Finally, being a student of our mystery school requires dedication and discipline. As with all things, you will get out what you put in.

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