Inner Transmission from Dan Rin

Dear Ones,

Another road has been traveled to its end and we must say farewell to our beloved Master, Sri Michael Owens. He gave of himself with no thought of return, just the love of serving at the feet of Sugmad and of All That Is. His tutelage has given participants a view into the God Worlds and the tools to go further than any human beings have gone before in our history on this planet.

His words were imbued with a magnetic resonance designed to open the heart consciousness to heighten the abilities of Soul to reach its highest spiritual potential through the re-structuring of the inner bodies to a better and stronger alignment with the Love and Will of God. He leaves behind a treasure trove of spiritual knowledge and wisdom through his many discourses, books and talks. As Dan Rin, he continues to watch over his flock in The Way of Truth and is as close as your next breath. But as the outer Teacher, the body has gone and the incarnation and life contract are completed and finished.

There must now be a new Living Teacher to carry on the tradition of the Ancient Order of the Sehaji Masters. There has always been a Living Teacher on this Earth in one form or another. This means that not all of the Living Masters have been in a physical shell. Some have been serving from their Soul Bodies which never leave the physical realm, such as Babaji and Rebazar Tarz. Such Masters come down from the misty mountains to take on a human shell for a limited time when needed, even for an hour, and then return to invisibility.

There was a time when Sri Michael was going about the course of his day when he saw a man with a white straw hat, white jacket and linen trousers, much like a tourist in the Bahamas, and he knew instantly who it was. He said to this gentleman, “Hello Rebazar,” and the man grinned and tipped his hat.  There are spiritual Masters all around you, some invisible and some in disguise, who carry on a portion of the vibration of the Rod of Power of this Sugmad.

There is now One among you who has been trained over many lifetimes by the Sehaji and has agreed to take on the Mantle of the role of the Living Sehaji Master while in his current incarnation. He will take on the full strength of the Rod of Power and hold it until the Divine Prophecy of a Female Living Master is fulfilled.

We welcome and honor this Great Soul and Son of God with tears of joy and gratitude! The entire Grand Council of the Sehaji Order stand with all of you during this sacred time of Transition and Revelation.

Remember that Love is what keeps this universe turning and growing. As long as you keep your hearts open to compassion, kindness, humility and service, this transitional time will be like waves on the Ocean of Love and Mercy that carry you directly into the thunderous Heart of God. Truth does not depend on the will of men but on the Will of Divine Love. LOVE does not choose to serve, IT SERVES. LOVE does not choose to love, IT LOVES. LOVE does not choose to be, LOVE IS. LOVE does not wait or ponder, LOVE is HERE, NOW and FOREVER!

On this glorious day of the passing of the Rod of Power, we welcome the new Living Sehaji Master to our Holy Order, Sri Maximilien Louya, Daru Drin. Our right hands are raised to you with the ancient blessings of the Sehaji.  

We are always with you and HU.

Blessed Be