The Magi of Olde

The Magi were masters of the Heart Consciousness which manifested through Jesus as the Christ Consicousness. Students of The Way of Truth who diligently follow the practices they are taught will immediately begin to expand their hearts and, after an individualized period of time, they will no longer recognize themselves as the same being who joined the school. You don’t have to take anyone’s word for this transformation, you need only practice the exercises and decide for yourself.

There are many roads and methods that lead to the Source.

Below is a technique to get your feet planted on the Divine road back from whence we all came. It will ground you and allow you to lay your first step on the Spiritual Ladder.

The exercise is named after Pegasus, the mythical winged white horse. It is called “Riding The Pegasus” and it represents one way Home.

The Divine breath of life is in all of us.

Your Breath is a Gift from God. it is also one of our links to the Divine. The In-breath is the positive part of the cycle where you take in life. The out-breath is the negative part of the cycle where you eliminate waste. In between these two cycles are the natural pauses which are neutral in nature.

To practice Riding the Pegasus you must sit quietly with your eyes closed. You must then focus all of your attention on the in-breath and its natural pause, then the out-breath and its natural pause. There must be a slight emphasis on the natural pauses for they are gateways to heavenly planes of existence. You are, in essence, riding your breath. You don’t have to visualize a Pegasus.

Your breath is the Pegasus.

When you lose focus on your breath it is called “Falling off the Pegasus.” All you must do to get back on is to focus again on your breath.

Be consistent in your daily practice and the rewards will amaze you.

Blessed Be.